Judit Varga – Photo: BZT / Nóra Halász

Varga slams EU migration policy

The open-border strategy, the ideology-driven migration policy, causes chaos for our societies, Judit Varga, head of Parliament's EU affairs committee, told conservative British newspaper The Sunday Telegraph.
6. November 2023 5:58

Varga, who the paper notes is set to run in the European Parliament election next year as ruling Fidesz’s lead candidate, said the difference between asylum and migration must be carefully considered. “Asylum is a human right, but migration is not,” she said.

The paper quoted Varga as commending UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s “brave” plan to send migrants to Rwanda. Speaking on the plan, Varga said it was important to “think outside of the box”.

“We have to regain our sovereignty,” the former justice minister told the paper. “At the end of the day, it is the strong nations who make up this European Union, it’s not the European institutions,” she said.

On the matter of the border fence, she told the paper “it cost 1.7 billion euros and only one per cent reimbursed by the EU. It’s not right. We are protecting the whole of Schengen”.

The Hungarian government has a very firm stance on migration, and, along with Hungarian society, it says ‘no’ to the question of ‘Do you agree to live with those masses of foreign and culturally foreign people?’, Varga told the paper.

She also spoke out against what she deems “woke culture”, and said “the fundament of today’s exaggerated wokeism is the falling apart of the texture of society, which is the family, and the model of the family.”

Varga said these issues would be at the core of the 2024 EU elections. The paper quoted her as describing the elections as a war between the “politically correct elite” and those who are not afraid to stand up for common sense.

Without Britain, she added, the EU now faces a German-Franco axis that wants to erode the individual identities of the member nations.

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