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V4 PMs agree on Ukraine needing aid

The Visegrad countries agree that Russia is the aggressor in the war in Ukraine, and that the latter must be aided, the prime ministers of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia told a joint press conference on Tuesday after a summit in Prague.
28. February 2024 6:48

Petr Fiala of Czechia and Donald Tusk of Poland reiterated that their countries would continue supporting Ukraine “in all areas including weapon and ammunition deliveries”.

Fiala said Czechia had committed to organising ammunition procurement from third countries “since European countries have run out of free reserves”. The scheme is supported by some 15 countries, Fiala said.

Tusk called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “war criminal”.

Viktor Orban of Hungary and Robert Fico of Slovakia called for peace talks as soon as possible.

“The differences between the Visegrad countries are not as large as they seemed earlier,” Tusk said.

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