US left-wing jibes against Hungary ‘ideological’ – American scholar

American left-wing jibes against Hungary are ideological, Christopher Rufo, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, has told an event in Budapest, adding that the US state apparatus had been taken over by "radical left-wing ideologies".
12. April 2023 18:36

Rufo, a guest of the Danube Institute, said Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a potential presidential candidate of the Republican Party, was successful at confronting wokism, critical race theory and other left-wing ideologies, and he knew how to stop the advance of institutional wokism.

Hungary, he said, had highlighted how it was possible to combat radical left-wing ideological trends, referring to moves to strengthen church education and train a conservative elite as examples, according to a press release of the event on Wednesday.

Rufo said Hungary was an inspiration to Western conservatives, which is why the country was on the receiving end of criticism from the mainstream press.

On the subject of possible US sanctions against Hungary, he insisted that the country was being attacked by US foreign policy for ideological reasons, and he encouraged the government to continue to resist such pressure.

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