Tucker Carlson – Photo: MTI

Tucker Carlson: ‘I greatly appreciate Viktor Orbán’s political talent’

"I greatly appreciate [Prime Minister] Viktor Orbán's political talent, I trust he can handle the US," American television host and commentator Tucker Carlson said in an interview with the website mandiner.hu on Friday.
25. August 2023 19:31

Carlson said Orbán’s US image is shaped entirely by the US that “hates him for reasons wholly unrelated to his actions”.

“Orbán is not an extremist. He is an extremely talented politician. He is trusted with a country in central Europe, in the ring of seven neighbouring countries.” he said. The task requires “extraordinary diplomatic talent”, he said.

“I doubt Viktor Orbán or any other Hungarian loves Russians . but they have to get along with Russia, because this enormous country will always be there. They can’t just be filed away as a wicked empire and cease dialogue with it. They must maintain dialogue because they need energy agreements.” he said.

Carlson said the “animosity” of the US and Ambassador David Pressman came from the fact that Hungary was a Christian country, “even if it’s not particularly religious”. That is “deeply offensive for the US, which rejects true Christianity, “and its government downright hates it,” Carlson said.

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