Donald Trump (r) and Viktor Orbán - Photo: PMO

Trump: ‘Orbán doesn’t want war; I don’t want war either’

"If you look at Viktor Orbán, 'cause we don't want to see wars, I don't want to see wars," Donald Trump, the former US president, said in an interview with the podcast Timcast.
28. May 2024 18:30

Miklos Szantho, the head of the Centre for Fundamental Rights, published the interview on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

The Republican presidential candidate said the US had not taken part in wars besides the conflict with the Islamic State terrorist organisation, “but we completed it one hundred percent”.

“I don’t want wars. I think it’s so horrible, so unnecessary, and so costly in terms of lives and money — in that order — and it destroys these countries,” the former US president said.

Trump said that had he been president at the time the war in Ukraine and the October 7 attack on Israel would never have happened.

Trump called Orbán “a very powerful guy”, and he cited the Hungarian prime minister as saying that “the problem with the world today is that Donald Trump is no longer president”.

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