Photo: MTI

Third country refugees could obtain residency in Hungary

Foreigners in Ukraine fleeing from the war can apply for a residency permit in Hungary to stay in the country "with a specific purpose", the immigration authority told MTI on Thursday.
10. March 2022 17:52

Under a recent government decree, Ukrainian nationals, their families, as well as people recognised by Ukrainian authorities as refugees can apply for asylum in Hungary. Non-Ukrainians that were staying in Ukraine legally and crossed into Hungary after February 24 can request assistance for returning to their native country or can apply for residency in Hungary if they have a definite purpose, the authority said.

The authority is working to assist refugees with travel and accommodation in Hungary, as well as to provide the necessary documents so that “their stay in Hungary is legitimate”, they said.

So far, the authority has received 1,677 asylum applications, the statement said.

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