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Szijjarto: War situation here to stay if pro-war forces can keep their positions

If the pro-war forces are allowed to keep their positions, then it must be expected that the war situation is here to stay for many years, the foreign minister told journalists ahead of the ruling parties' election meeting in Vac, on the outskirts of Budapest, on Friday.

Europe is in a situation that is new to most Europeans, which is that there is a war on the continent, Peter Szijjarto said. This war is happening in Hungary’s neighbourhood and poses serious dangers for all of Europe, including Hungary, he said. The closer a country is to the war, the greater risk it faces of the war spreading further, he added.

Szijjarto warned that European political leaders were “suffering from war psychosis”, and that their “irresponsible remarks and decisions carry the risk of the war spreading further”.

“We’ve even heard some completely mad positions, not only about sending European troops to Ukraine, but also about installing nuclear weapons,” he said.

Szijjarto said that if just one more European country got involved in the war, it would trigger a threat of a world war, arguing that this other country would certainly be a NATO member, and a NATO country getting into a direct conflict with Russia “would obviously result in the outbreak of another world war”.

He said that on June 9, European citizens would get to decide whether they want war or peace. A responsible decision could prevent the threat of a world war and a nuclear war, the minister said, adding that Hungary was the only country that clearly stood up for peace, and a pro-peace decision by Hungarians could provide huge support against the pressure of war.

Hungary, he said, had been confronted over the last two years with every consequence of there being a war in a neighbouring country. Wartime inflation caused the country’s energy expenditures to rise by more than ten billion euros “because Brussels’s response to the war ended up being a complete failure”, Szijjarto said.

He said both the European Union and NATO were preparing for the possibility of war with a five-year fundraising and financing plan.

“They want to pour tens of billions of euros into the war,” he added.

Stopping this requires sending pro-peace politicians to the European Parliament, Szijjarto said, adding that ruling Fidesz was the only one in Hungary that represented the cause of peace, while the left was awaiting “pro-war votes”.

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