Foreign minister Peter Szijjarto – Photo: Facebook

Szijjarto: War in Ukraine only has losers

The war in Ukraine only has losers because people are dying in this war, "so speaking about winner in this context does not make sense," Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told BBC.
18. April 2023 15:19

“We want this war to be finished, to be stopped as soon as possible because this war takes place in our neighbourhood”, and the impacts of the war are “immediate and severe”, Szijjarto said on an episode of BBC’s HardTalk. A significant Hungarian community lives at the western part of Ukraine, the members of which are dying in this war, he said. “They are mobilised to the Ukranian army and many of them are being deployed to the frontlines and many of them die,” he added.

“What we would like to see is an immediate ceasefire, we want a peace agreement to be reached finally which would stop killing innocent people,” he said.

“Our position is absolutely clear since the very beginning of this war. We condemn the war in the strongest possible way. We stand up for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine without any kind of doubt,” he added.

“We want this war to be stopped as soon as possible because for us the number one priority is to save lives of the people,” he said. If the war escalates, even more will die, he said.

“It would be very bad if NATO took part in this conflict because if NATO becomes a direct party to this conflict, it would mean third world war the next day,” Szijjarto said.


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