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Szijjarto: Turkmenistan gas could ease energy crisis in Europe

The Hungarian foreign minister said natural gas supplies from Turkmenistan could play a role in resolving the energy crisis caused in Europe by the war in Ukraine and related sanctions, in Ashgabat on Thursday.
8. June 2023 21:05

Peter Szijjarto travelled to the capital city of Turkmenistan as member of a delegation led by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Speaking ahead of official talks, Szijjarto said Turkmenistan has vast reserves in its gas fields, noting however “a lack of adequate delivery routes to Europe”. He flagged Hungary’s increased interest in participating in building the infrastructure allowing deliveries from Turkmenistan “to be added to Europe’s, and perhaps to Hungary’s energy mix”.

Szijjarto said Hungary and Turkmenistan will sign several important bilateral agreements on investment protection, diplomatic training and education cooperation.

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