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Szijjarto: Trump presidency will ensure ‘new world order’ of global ‘peace, stability’

The world "needs President Trump to win" this coming election because only a "strong" American leader can offer "stability and security to the international order", the Hungarian foreign minister said in an interview with the website of Breitbart News.
11. March 2024 15:53

In the interview published on Sunday, Peter Szijjarto said that if Donald Trump was elected in November, he would be able to make peace between Russia and Ukraine.

“Without President Trump on board, this war will continue for a long time, resulting in many more casualties and culminating in much destruction,” the minister said. “So our foremost hope is that in the case that President Trump wins the 2024 election, he can make peace.”

“We Hungarians give our full support to that as one of the very few countries in Europe which is pro-peace,” he added. “You have to understand that the majority of countries in Europe are pro-war, and just a tiny minority are pro-peace.”

Szijjarto said that if Trump’s “pro-peace policies” take effect, “then some of those European countries might change their positions as well”.

He said there was “no battlefield solution” to the war in Ukraine, adding that the battlefield “can only offer casualties and destruction — not a solution”.

Szijjarto said it was generally acknowledged that Ukraine would not defeat Russia, adding, at the same time, that “we also know that Russia cannot win against the entire west” either.

Concerning the war in Gaza, he said European countries applied “double standards” to Israel.

“[W]e believe that it must not be forgotten how this conflict started,” Szijjarto said. “There was a brutal, heinous terrorist attack taking place against Israel, with the firing of thousands of rockets into the country, the killing of over a thousand people, and the kidnapping of hundreds more.”

He said Israel’s military offensive against Hamas was of vital importance not just for the security of the Jewish state, but for global security as well, to prevent similar attacks across the globe.

The interview was made after Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban along with Szijjarto as member of his delegation travelled to Florida to meet the former US president.

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