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Szijjarto: Opposition ‘in constant contact with Ukraine government’

Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto, referring to press reports and communications between the Ukrainian foreign minister and Kyiv's ambassador in Budapest, accused members of the Hungarian opposition of being in constant contact with representatives of the Ukrainian government.
30. March 2022 15:57

The Hungarian opposition also promised to send weapons to Ukraine and to vote in favour of sanctions on Russian oil and gas deliveries to Hungary and Europe if they won Sunday’s ballot, the minister said in a video on Facebook after a cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

“The press reports are true,” he added.

Also, Szijjarto said the Ukrainian foreign minister had called Ukraine’s ambassador to Hungary to “discuss options on how to influence the results of the Hungarian elections”.

The minister insisted that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s international speeches in which he “constantly attacks Hungary and its government for refusing to send weapons to Ukraine or to vote for sanctions endangering our energy supplies” also corroborated that such talks had taken place.

He said that whereas Zelensky’s requests were “understandable”, as it was in Ukraine’s interest for as many European countries as possible to ship weapons there and to vote for sanctions on Russian crude oil and gas, they were diametrically opposed to Hungary’s interests.

Hungarian politicians must represent Hungary’s interest and “stay out of this war”, Szijjarto said. “To that end, we must avoid being provoked, dragged into or involved in this war,” he said.

The Hungarian government must ensure that “Hungarians are not put in harm’s way and that the country’s economy is not put in danger of grinding to a halt.” “As long as we govern, these decisions will remain in place,” he said.

At the general election on April 3, Hungarians will decide between “peace and security or being dragged into the war,” he said.

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