A Mark 7 nuclear bomb – Photo: wikipedia

Szijjarto: ‘Nuclear war madness’ can only be ended by voting for pro-peace politicians

The conflict in Ukraine must be ended swiftly to prevent "nuclear war madness", and that is possible only with a surge of pro-peace forces at the European parliamentary elections, the foreign minister said in Dushanbe on Tuesday.

Peter Szijjarto said the war was posing increasing challenges “due to the increasing degree of massacre and destruction, the growing weapon deliveries, and because some European politicians are whipping themselves into war madness, to the point where nuclear war madness has also appeared in the European discourse.”

“War madness in Western Europe has reached a new dimension and turned into a sort of nuclear war madness. We have heard the French and Polish presidents speak about the possibility of nuclear war.”

Szijjarto said that should the war in Ukraine spread further, it was likely to escalate into a third world war and possibly a nuclear war, “and in that case, everything and everyone will be lost, which no one with any common sense can wish for.”

Szijjarto called for a ceasefire and peace talks as soon as possible. “The European parliamentary elections on June 9 could be a great step in that direction, because people can save Europe and the world form the madness of a nuclear war,” he said, and called on Hungarians to cast their votes, “and don’t forget . that nuclear war madness can be ended by voting for Fidesz.”

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