Szijjarto: Most NATO members view war in Ukraine ‘differently’ from Hungary

The position of the majority of NATO member states concerning the war in Ukraine and the possibility of peace is entirely different from that of Hungary, the foreign minister said on Wednesday.
12. June 2024 16:27

NATO is preparing to launch a mission concerning Ukraine which Hungary deems “dangerous and unnecessary”, but since NATO’s 31 other members have a different view “we cannot prevent that,” Peter Szijjarto said on Facebook.

He said the Hungarian government’s most important goal and task was to secure a guarantee that Hungarian troops should not be obliged to participate in the planned mission, that Hungarian taxpayers’ money should not be used for its financing and that there should be “no military event taking place in Hungary’s territory,” Szijjarto said.

“The threat of the war’s escalation is now bigger than ever,” he said, adding that “continued efforts are expected to be made to maintain Hungary’s security and to ensure that the country is not involved in the war.”

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