Foreign minister Peter Szijjarto – Photo: Facebook

Opposition calls on foreign minister to resign

Szijjarto: Left would send weapons to Ukraine

If the left wing wins the parliamentary election, they will immediately approve sanctions on natural gas and crude oil supplies and they will immediately start weapons transports to Ukraine, the foreign minister said on Tuesday.
29. March 2022 15:16

Peter Szijjarto said on Facebook that Peter Marki-Zay, the “the prime ministerial candidate of the Left”, had sent a message to the Ukrainian president in a Twitter post, showing that they had struck an agreement.

They have agreed that in case the left wing forms the next government in Hungary, they will immediately vote in support of sanctions on natural gas and crude oil supplies and start weapons transports to Ukraine, Szijjarto said. The Twitter message supports earlier information about the existence of such an agreement, he added.

Szijjarto said Hungary would suffer immediate and serious consequences if that agreement is fulfilled.

The start of weapons transports would immediately get Hungary involved in the war because they would be military targets, he said. The approval of the sanctions on crude oil and natural gas supplies would threaten fuel supplies and heating in Hungary, and it would result in the economy getting to the verge of a standstill, he added.

Opposition calls on foreign minister to resign

The united opposition has called on Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto to resign over press reports suggesting that Russia’s secret services have “practically unlimited access to the information systems of the (Hungarian) foreign ministry”.

In a statement, the opposition parties insisted that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had “delivered Hungary to Russia” through “deliberately dismantling the government’s cyber security” and slammed him for “hindering joint European action against Russia”.

The opposition has also demanded that the government should expel with immediate effect what they called a “Russian spy-bank” from Budapest.

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