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Szijjarto: Hungary prepared to contribute to bolstering UN peacekeeping work

Hungary is prepared to contribute to bolstering the United Nations' peacekeeping capacities, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said at the UN Peacekeeping Ministerial in Accra on Wednesday, adding that bringing more and more armed conflicts under control would reduce the risk of a third world war.
7. December 2023 5:55

In his address, Szijjarto said global security was in its worst shape since the end of the Cold War, arguing that there were more than 30 serious armed conflicts going on in the world, and the threat of terrorism was at an all-time high.

Europe was no exception, he said, noting the ongoing war on the continent and the conflict in the Middle East.

Szijjarto also warned of the threat of instability in the Sahel region and the danger of this triggering more mass migration waves towards Europe, which posed another security challenge.

“So therefore . it is the core security interest of Hungary, of Europe, and, I do believe, that of the global community to end the most possible armed conflicts in the world,” the minister said.

Hungary, he said, argued in favour of ceasefires and direct negotiations between opposing sides in the interest of ensuring the safety of the people living in conflict zones.

Szijjarto said the UN should step up its peacemaking and peacekeeping efforts.

He noted that the organisation had not been established “as a group of like-minded countries”, but as a platform to offer the possibility of dialogue even among those hostile towards each other.

Hungary, he said, supported the UN in fulfilling this original goal of the organisation.

Szijjarto said that without greater UN peacekeeping capacities, several armed conflicts could spiral out of control, and the more that happened, the greater the risk of a third world war would become.

The minister noted that Hungarian troops and police officers were also serving in UN peacekeeping missions, adding that the government was prepared to contribute to enhancing the efficiency of the organisation’s peacekeeping capacities.

Hungary is supporting the development of technologies used in peacekeeping operations with 110,000 dollars, Szijjarto said. It is also prepared to offer its airlift capabilities with a view to improving the mobility of peacekeeping missions and is prepared to host peacekeepers in military training programmes, he said.

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