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Szijjarto: Hungary allowing grain deliveries to Africa but against ruining Hungarian farmers

Hungary is still allowing Ukrainian grain to be delivered to Africa, "but we won't allow Hungarian farmers to be ruined", Peter Szijjarto, the foreign minister, said on Facebook on Friday.
15. September 2023 20:25

Szijjarto accused the European Union and Kyiv of misleading the European public on the Ukrainian issue of grain exports.

He noted that central European countries had opened up transit routes to ensure that Ukrainian grain reached seaports for transport to Africa.

The aim, however, wasn’t to flood central European countries with Ukrainian grain, he said.

“We won’t allow Hungarian farmers to be ruined,” he wrote. “The deceitful propaganda in Brussels and Kyiv won’t stop us from doing this,” he wrote, referring to Hungary’s declaration that it will extend the export ban on its own national authority if the EU refuses to do so.


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