Foreign minister Peter Szijjarto – Photo: Facebook

Szijjarto: Hungarian authorities join investigation into case of crashed drone in Zagreb

The Hungarian authorities are joining an investigation into the case of a drone that crashed in Zagreb, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Friday.
11. March 2022 14:29

The aircraft was likely a Soviet-era TU-141 reconnaissance drone that crashed in the Croatian capital just after midnight on Thursday, local news portal said citing unnamed experts.

Szijjarto said on Facebook that he had talked with Croatian counterpart Gordan Grlic Radman about the case by phone.

According to data currently available, the airspace of several NATO member states, including Hungary’s, have been affected in the flight path of the drone, he said.

“During the assessment, we will closely cooperate with the Croatian authorities and other NATO allies,” Szijjarto said.

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