Foreign minister Peter Szijjarto – Photo: Facebook

Szijjarto: Brussels’s sanctions ‘no help’ fighting inflation

The introduction of the European Commission's 10th package of sanctions against Russia "makes clear that Brussels won't provide any help whatsoever in the fight against inflation", Peter Szijjarto, the foreign minister, said on Thursday.
16. February 2023 16:35

The new sanctions from Brussels are in addition to those that have “already proven futile”, the foreign ministry said, quoting Szijjarto, in a statement. “They have tried nine times; they failed nine times. They should draw the reasonable conclusion to stop trying. Regrettably, though, Brussels is not driven by reason,” the minister said.

Concerning the debate on the package which started on Wednesday, Szijjarto said proposals had been raised that would have an impact on Hungary’s energy security, noting calls to terminate supplies via the Druzhba oil pipe line and for tight restrictions to be imposed on nuclear cooperation with Russia. Those steps, if implemented, would again “make Hungarian people pay for the war”, he said, adding that the Hungarian government would “do everything possible” to fight against those proposals.

“Naturally, we reject all proposals concerning oil supplies and nuclear cooperation, and we will do everything to prevent them from being included in the next package,” he said.

Rather than “war measures and sanctions” the EU should “at last focus on peace-making” to save lives, the minister said.

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