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Szijjarto blasts ‘silence’ on Trump’s disqualification from Colorado ballot

Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has slammed "the silence" surrounding the Colorado Supreme Court's decision to disqualify former US President Donald Trump from the Republican primary ballot.
20. December 2023 18:37

“Let’s take a moment to consider what would happen if something similar happened in a central European country led by a patriotic government…” Szijjarto said on Facebook.

“How many minutes would it take for the European Parliament to declare the death of democracy?” the minister said. “How long would it be before the US State Department put out a statement condemning the ruling? How many minutes would pass before the European Commission froze the blocked EU funds even more, and how many minutes would it take for articles on all platforms of the global liberal media network to declare the destruction of the rule of law?”

“And what do we have now? Silence. But not because of Advent,” he added.

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