Foreign minister Peter Szijjarto – Photo: Facebook

Szijjarto: Attacks near Lviv highlight risks of weapons transports

The missile attacks near Lviv highlight the importance of the Hungarian government's previous decision not to allow the transport of lethal aid through Hungary to Ukraine, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Sunday.
13. March 2022 17:51

Szijjarto said on Facebook that Hungary would resist all forms of pressure and maintain the ban on weapons transports to Ukraine from its territory.

War operations in Ukraine are increasingly serious and shifting towards the west, he added.

According to military experts, a recent missile attack only a few dozen kilometres from the Polish border was meant to demonstrate that Russia wants to block the delivery of western weapons to Ukraine.

The Russian military operations clearly show that such weapons transports would pose serious risks to Hungary and the Ukrainian region of Transcarpathia inhabited by many ethnic Hungarians, Szijjarto said.

The minister said he had talked over the phone with Hungary’s ambassador in Ukraine Istvan Ijgyarto, who is temporarily based in Lviv. The diplomat reported that despite az earlier air raid, the city was calm.

The Hungarian embassy will stay in Lviv so as to be able to help Hungarians in trouble and maintain high-level dialogue, he said.

Fewer than ten European Union member countries still maintain an embassy in Ukraine, he added.

“Those that loudly argued about being friends of Ukraine are rapidly leaving its territory and winding up their diplomatic representation there,” he said.

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