Laszlo Kover – Photo: MTI

Speaker: Migrant quotas aimed to ‘weaken EU, create chaos’

The European Union's proposed mandatory migrant quotas are "in fact designed to weaken the European Union and create chaos", Laszlo Kover, speaker of the Hungarian parliament, said at the opening forum of a summer university course in Martovce (Martos), in southern Slovakia, on Wednesday.
6. July 2023 8:28

Kover said the proposal raised unanswered questions such as how the migrants transferred to other countries would be selected, how they could be kept in that country, what services should be ensured to them and how those services would be financed.

“It is as clear as daylight that there are no answers to those questions, but nobody cares . but then we have to ask what all this is about?” Kover said, and insisted “if the goal is not to destroy the EU, which I cannot exclude, then at least it is to infinitely weaken the EU and plunge it into chaos,” Kover said.

On another subject, Kover said at least 10 million Ukrainians had fled from the war in their country, “70 percent of whom will not want to return”. “A large part of those people, unlike migrants from Africa or the Arab countries, are skilled and will find jobs . these people will be a net demographical asset to an ageing, childless, selfish and cannibalistic society,” he said.

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