A plenary session of the European Parliament - Photo: europarl.europa.eu

Spain’s Vox to join Patriots for Europe

Spain's Vox party will join the party group of Patriots for Europe, a new European party alliance, in the European Parliament, Vox leader Santiago Abascal told Spanish news portal La Gaceta on Friday.
6. July 2024 6:05

Abascal said the new group was aimed to integrate patriotic and sovereignist forces in Europe, which was in line with his party’s goals.

“Patriotic forces have a historic chance to use their mandate from voters in a large group, offering an alternative to the coalition of EPP, the Socialists and the radical left,” the portal quoted a statement by Vox.

PfE “reflects on a new reality, on a message from Europeans that want a radical and urgent change of directions in the EU,” the statement said.

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