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Government spokeswoman: Close to 90,000 refugees arrive from Ukraine to date

Refugees arriving at Budapest’s Nyugati railway station

Refugees are continually arriving at Budapest's Nyugati railway station, where they are being greeted by charity volunteers donating food, drink and guidance, a public media correspondent reported from the scene.
28. February 2022 19:21

Red Cross and Reformed Charity staff are greeting the refugees with hot tea, soft drinks, mineral water, pastries and toiletries.

Large numbers of police are also at the station coordinating the refugees.

Refugees who do not have a place to stay are being taken by bus to reception centres, the M1 public television correspondent reported.

Government spokeswoman: Close to 90,000 refugees arrive from Ukraine to date

Since Feb. 24 close to 90,000 refugees fleeing from war have arrived in Hungary from Ukraine, government spokeswoman Alexandra Szentkiralyi said on Monday. Hungary continues to receive them “with open arms”, she told MTI by phone.

The Hungarian government is providing refugees all possible assistance and support, Szentkiralyi said.

By late afternoon altogether 89,651 arrives had been registered, the spokeswoman said.

All Hungarian-Ukrainian border-crossing points are open round the clock, she said, adding that the national disaster management centre OKF is coordinating the accommodation of refugees and helping them in several other ways too.

The government has set up a National Humanitarian Coordination Council to collect donations, deliver them to those in need and help charities involved in humanitarian aid, she said.

Szentkiralyi said that on Monday the government opened six aid centres in five towns and villages, namely Beregsurany, Tiszabecs, Zahony, Barabas and Lonya near the Ukrainian border.

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