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Political director: Brussels left acted ‘shamefully’ by stymying National Conservatism Conference

The left wing in Brussels "acted shamefully" by attempting to stymie the peaceful National Conservatism Conference organised with the participation of professors, researchers and MEPs, the political director of the Prime Minister's Office said late on Tuesday.
17. April 2024 18:25

Balazs Orban said in Brussels that the left wing had “lost all moral grounds on which to preach” about constitutionality, human rights and democracy.

He said it was important that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had been able to address the event.

“We were able to express our opinion and say that no matter how they pressurise or try to suppress us, we will not give up our policies,” he said.

“They also gave proof of why a different type of institutional leadership is needed in Brussels, because the current lot are incapable of achieving outcomes that would satisfy the demands of European voters,” he added.

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