Prime Minister Viktor Orbán - Photo: PMO

Orbán: Support for migration equals support for terrorism

Hungary is opposed to terrorism, so it is also opposed to migration, the prime minister said in Brussels on Thursday. "Those who support migration also support terrorism," Viktor Orbán said ahead of a two-day European Union summit.
26. October 2023 17:03

Orbán said he hoped decision-makers in Brussels would also “realise that there is an clear connection between terrorist acts and migration”.

The EU, he said, wanted member states to give more money for migration-related policy and to Ukraine, but Hungary refused to give money to migrants. Neither would it give money to Ukraine unless the request was well-founded, he said, adding that the current proposals lacked professional or political supporting arguments.

“It won’t work giving more money; we will refuse this,” he said.

Asked about the war in Ukraine, Orbán said Hungary had a peace plan and would keep all communication channels open with Russia in hope that it would be accepted.

Hungary, he added, was the only country that stood for peace, which was “in the interest of all Europeans”.

Regarding Israel’s war against Hamas, the prime minister said Hungary supported Israel’s right to self-defence as well as actions aimed at making sure a terrorist attack similar to the one committed on Oct 7 by Hamas “never happens again”. Also, humanitarian aid must get to where it is needed, he added.

Israel and Egypt, Orbán noted, are located in the Mediterranean region, and if either became unstable Europe would be on the receiving end of waves of migration. To avoid this, Israel and Egypt must be stabilised, since the region’s stability was in Europeans’ interests, he said.

Orbán responded to a question about Georgia, saying that hopefully the EU summit would adopt a final communique in support of granting the country candidate status.

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