Prime minister Viktor Orbán – Photo: PMO

Soltesz: Hungary well prepared to receive Ukraine refugees at border

Orbán: Hungary to strengthen border crossing with Romania

With an expected increase in the influx of refugees from Ukraine next week, Hungary must strengthen its border crossing point with Romania at Csengersima, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Facebook on Wednesday night.
17. March 2022 14:59

The prime minister is staying on the Hungary-Ukraine border for three days to organise preparations for a new wave of refugees.

Hungary will deploy more personnel to the Csengersima border crossing, Orbán said, noting that already thousands of Ukrainian refugees were arriving there via Romania daily.

Cross-border traffic at Csengersima is running smoothly, with police “making strenuous efforts” and the Hungarian Red Cross providing help to those with children, Orbán said.

If the border crossing is strengthened “we will be able to work just as efficiently next week”, he added.

On Thursday morning, the prime minister handed over documents granting temporary residency to a refugee family arriving from Ukraine, according to a video posted on his Facebook page. The family with two children is making preparations to travel on to Italy.

Soltesz: Hungary well prepared to receive Ukraine refugees at border

Aid centres set up at the Hungary-Ukraine border are well prepared to receive the growing number of refugees expected from Ukraine in the next few days, the state secretary for church and minority relations said on Thursday.

Miklos Soltesz told MTI after visiting Barabas and Beregsurany at the border that aid workers and police expect further masses of refugees to set off from Transcarpathia in the near future, following a few days of calmer conditions in recent days.

Donations received from all over Hungary have filled storage capacities at aid centres and now everyone who wants to send contribution are asked to forward non-perishable food directly to a central warehouse in Aranyosapati, he said.

First Lady Anita Herczegh, a goodwill ambassador of the Hungarian Maltese Charity, also visited the aid centre in Beregsurany on Thursday. She praised Hungarians’ readiness to help refugees and said that communities in neighbouring villages had joined forces in the first few days of the war already and this has been further elevated after the arrival of aid organisations.

Imre Szabjan, the head of the Hungarian Maltese Charity’s crisis management working group, said that psychological first aid was also being offered in Beregsurany, which appears to be increasingly in demand among refugees traumatised by recent events.

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