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Government to open refugee facility near Keleti Station

Orbán: Hungary to send another aid shipment to Ukraine

Hungary will send another large aid shipment to Ukraine, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Friday. Orbán said on Facebook in a video filmed at the Hungary-Ukraine border in Zahony that a convoy of the next Hungarian aid shipment had just left for Ukraine. Five lorries of food and other commodities, especially for children, as well as bandages and medicine have been sent, he said.
18. March 2022 15:25

 “We do this because we must look after not only those that have fled the war but we also want to help those that stayed in Transcarpathia and even on the other side of the Carpathians,” he said.

Orbán added that he had inspected the border crossing at Barabas where police and public administration officials are busy at work. “I must say that Hungarians have acted amazingly,” he said.

The prime minister said that he had witnessed “fantastic cooperation in the past three days”. He thanked the police, disaster management officials, civil organisations and churches, and expressed special thanks to local council leaders and officials, saying that the “flow” had first hit the local governments at the start of the war and they stood their ground perfectly.

Orbán also said that the border crossing points would be enforced and added that work should continue at the same high standards in the upcoming weeks.

Government to open refugee facility near Keleti Station

The defence committee of Budapest will open a new transit hall for Ukrainian refugees near Keleti railway station on March 21, the Prime Minister’s Office said on Friday.

The new facility will offer interpreting, medical services, space for mothers with small children, internet access and toilets in a heated area, the office said in a statement. Staff will be available to help with organising accommodation, travel and administration of asylum applications, the statement added.

Charity organisations will distribute food, toiletries and other donations to the people fleeing war, the statement said, adding that an international ticket office would also be part of the facility.

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