Prime Minister Viktor Orbán - Photo: PMO

Orbán: Hungary in no rush to ratify Sweden’s NATO bid

Hungary is in no rush to ratify Sweden's NATO accession, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told opposition lawmakers on Monday.
26. September 2023 6:13

Sweden’s security is not under any threat, and there is no strategic element of Swedish-Hungarian relations that would be harmed if Hungary demands respect from Sweden before approving its bid, the prime minister said in response to opposition rebuttals to his speech opening parliament’s autumn session.

Referring to a video recently presented in Swedish schools on Hungarian democracy, Orbán said the government “doesn’t care what kind of films they make”, but did care about what Swedish school children were taught about Hungary “because that is a question of state politics”.

Meanwhile, he said the outcome of the war in Ukraine was “not an a la carte menu”, calling the idea that Russia would reach Hungary’s border through military force “nonsense”.

“There is no scenario that would lead to Hungary and Russia sharing a border again, because Hungary is a member of NATO,” he said.

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