Prime minister Viktor Orbán – Photo: PMO

Orbán: Gas, oil still flowing into Hungary

Gas and oil are still flowing into Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Friday, adding that "common sense" had prevailed in Brussels.
25. March 2022 13:27

In a video posted on his Facebook page during the latest special EU summit, Orbán said several countries had reiterated a proposal to broaden sanctions to include energy, coal, gas and oil.

“And the president of Ukraine himself, participating via video link, also made this request.”

“We considered and then rejected it,” the prime minister said, explaining that the Hungarian economy would grind to a halt if it acceded to the request.

Doing so would compromise the interests of Hungarians and would mean their paying the price of the war, he said.

Hungary was not alone with its position, he said. “Several other countries made similar arguments, so common sense was successfully asserted, and gas and oil will continue to flow into Hungary.”

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