Hungary's border fence – Photo: wikipedia

Orbán: Europe’s future depends on protection of borders

As migration pressure on Europe continues to increase, the continent's future will depend on the protection of its borders, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Friday, after attending a European Union summit in Brussels.
11. February 2023 5:31

In a video on Facebook, Orbán said EU leaders had talked until 3am about the issue of migration.

Pressure posed by migration is rising and is slowly becoming “unbearable” for the bloc’s western members as well, he said.

Member states agreed that the matter could not be delayed any longer and that they had to face this issue and make it clear that Europe is in danger, the prime minister said, adding that urgent action was needed.

“The only question now is whether bureaucrats sitting in the [European] Commission in Brussels understand that immediate action is needed,” Orbán said. “Legal procedures against Hungary, for example, should be suspended or withdrawn, and member states, including Hungary, should be supported in building fences and strengthening the protection of their borders. This is what Europe’s future depends on.”

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