Prime minister Viktor Orbán – Photo: PMO

Orbán: Connectivity, mutual respect bring hope for peace, economic development

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has talked about a decline in the Western world and Europe's competitiveness, the importance of connectivity, and Hungary as a meeting point of eastern and western economies in his address at the Belt and Road Initiative summit in Beijing, his press chief said on Wednesday.
18. October 2023 19:43

Orbán said that the era of the Western world holding an advantage was over, with the East having gained in strength. He said the European dilemma was whether to create blocs in the global economy and compete, while acting as protectionists, or to seek the opportunities for cooperation and connectivity.

He also said that Europe had cut cooperation with Russia and this was a big step towards the development of blocs. Currently, there are efforts to go even further with discussions of decoupling and de-risking, which would result in the isolation of European and Chinese economies, he added.

Supporters of connectivity including Hungary reject the policy of creating blocs, he said. Central Europe suffered for decades from the existence of blocs which was “not good, illogical and inhuman”, he said.

Orbán said Hungarians wanted an era of connectivity instead of the formation of blocs because connectivity would give Europe a chance for regaining its competitiveness. “Our history proves that a return to connectivity and mutual respect in international politics can bring the hope for peace and economic development,” he added.

Hungary’s goal is to become the meeting point for eastern and western economies and technologies, he said. The most important eastern and western investors for the new era of technology meet in Hungary today, he added.

“We are proud that Hungary has become the number one central European destination for Chinese companies’ investments,” he said.

Hungary is ready for further cooperation with China and all countries that support connectivity, he added.

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