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Official: Slovakia FM believes in arms deliveries, ‘but there’s only death on battlefield’

Slovakia's foreign minister would have a reason to believe in weapons deliveries to Ukraine if the war could be resolved on the battlefield, "but it can't be", Tamas Menczer, the state secretary for bilateral relations, said on Monday.
31. July 2023 17:40

“There is only death on the battlefield, but no solution,” Menczer told MTI. “That is exactly the reason why we should be deciding about peace instead of weapons.”

“It is true that this decision must also be made in Moscow,” Menczer said. “And in Washington as well, and Brussels will follow the latter.”

“The Hungarian government’s position is unchanged: it is peace, not weapons, that should be taken to Ukraine,” the state secretary said.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Menczer asked: “Why should the European Union plan to finance weapons shipments for Ukraine if there is no war in the next four years?”

The state secretary reacted to remarks by Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Wlachovsky, who had said earlier on Twitter that “the war could end tomorrow; Russia is the problem rather than the EU.”

Menczer noted that at the last Foreign Affairs Council meeting, EU foreign ministers had discussed a proposal under which an annual 5 billion euros could be spent on financing weapons deliveries for Ukraine in the next four years.

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