Illustration – Photo: Facebook (Hungarian Defence Forces)

Nezopont: Two-thirds of Hungarians against extra EU payment proposal for Ukraine war

Some 64 percent of Hungarians are against a European Commission proposal on EU member states making extra payments in order to give an additional 50 billion euros in support to Ukraine in the next four years, daily Magyar Nemzet said on Friday citing a survey by the Nezopont Institute.
7. July 2023 15:49

The survey focusing on Hungarians’ opinion on the proposal showed that only 28 percent considers it acceptable, the paper said.

At the same time, some 13 percent of those supporting Brussels’ plan said they would not support it if Hungary as a result does not receive EU funding allocated for the country.

Altogether 77 percent said it would be unfair to offer EU resources due to Hungary to help Ukraine instead.

A total of 38 percent of left-wing voters said they agreed with the proposal on making extra payments and 36 percent rejected it, the paper said. At the same time, 50 percent of left-wing voters said they would reject the proposal if helping Ukraine results in Hungary losing resources.

Some 88 percent of the Hungarians surveyed said they agreed with the need for an immediate ceasefire and only 3 percent said the war should continue, the paper added.

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