A plenary session of the European Parliament - Photo: europarl.europa.eu

Nezopont: Majority of Europeans dissatisfied with EP crisis management

Fully 71 percent of respondents in a recent Eurobarometer survey expressed dissatisfaction with the European Union's treatment of illegal migration, and 58 percent were dissatisfied with the EU's measures concerning the war in Ukraine, the Nezopont Institute has told MTI.
19. April 2024 15:57

Fully 61 percent expressed disappointment with the bloc’s climate change measures, while 58 percent criticised the EU’s financial management, Nezopont added.

Concerning participants’ expectations of the new European Parliament, formed after the upcoming elections, Nezopont said: “The answers are clear: voters want efforts to protect peace to replace the current pro-war position.”

Only 20 percent of respondents called for increased protection to the rule of law “despite the witch hunt across Europe for years”, the institute said.

The Eurobarometer survey was conducted in February and March.

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