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Minister calls for supporting Egypt to prevent escalation in Middle East

Egypt's stability and security is in Europe's vital interest and is of paramount importance in terms of preventing the escalation of the conflict in the Middle East, Hungary's foreign minister said after meeting his Egyptian counterpart in Geneva on Monday.
26. February 2024 18:37

Peter Szijjarto held talks with Sameh Hassan Shoukry on the sidelines of a regular session of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

The effects of the security crisis in the Middle East can already be felt in the world and there is a risk of the conflict’s regional and global escalation, Szijjarto said, according to a ministry statement.

He called it the international community’s primary task to prevent escalation of the crisis in which Szijjarto said Egypt played “a critical role”, adding that “with its moderate, wise and cautious approach” Egypt had always helped stabilisation in the region.

Szijjarto said Egypt had already contributed greatly to maintaining security in Europe by holding back the waves of illegal migration and thank to its continued mediation efforts since the outbreak of the war in Gaza, an escalation of that war could also be prevented.

He thanked Shoukry for his “imprescriptible merits” in helping the evacuation of Hungarian citizens from the Palestinian enclave.

Szijjarto said bilateral relations were excellent, noting the ongoing manufacturing of railway carriages for Egypt.


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