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Migration organisation highlights needs of returning Ukrainian refugees

Refugees returning to Ukraine need help with travel, information, financial support and health services, according to a survey by the Hungarian office of the International Organization for Migration (IOM).
9. August 2023 16:25

The survey conducted between April and June 2023 shows that the war displaced more than 5.2 million people within Ukraine, while another 6.2 million fled the country.

Fully 66 percent of Ukrainians only returned to Ukraine for short visits, and 30 percent intended to return for good. Most people cited homesickness and an improvement in their particular region as reason to return on a long-term basis, according to the report published on Wednesday.

Help with travel (52 percent) was the greatest need, followed by general information (43 percent) and financial support (39 percent). Fully 27 percent required help accessing health services and medicines.

More than half of respondents said that they received travel assistance in Hungary. Another 39 percent received support for accommodation, 36 percent received financial support, and 32 percent received food, they added.

In total 54 percent of those fleeing the country chose Hungary as a temporary residence, while 12 percent and 5 percent sought refuge in Germany and Austria, respectively.

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