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Mi Hazank: Ukraine mustn’t be allowed to join EU

Opposition party Mi Hazank has said that Ukraine must not be allowed to join the European Union, citing the negative effects of the country's activities on Hungary's economy.
15. December 2023 17:36

David Docs, the party’s deputy leader, told a press conference on Friday that Hungarian agriculture had been ruined owing to the dumping of agricultural raw material from Ukraine.

Hungarian, Slovakian and Polish lorry drivers, he said, were mounting protests against the fact that Ukrainian freight carriers had tripled their turnover in these countries, adding that they competed on low fuel prices and cheap labour while not having to observe EU rules.

If such practices bled into other sectors too, the economy would face ruin, he said, adding that Ukraine fell short when it came to adopting EU fundamental values.

Docs said his radical party supported humanitarian aid provided to Ukraine, but Hungary should not have to burden its budget to breaking point with other expenses related to the war-torn country, he added.

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