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MEP: EP plan to change treaties would ‘destroy’ members’ sovereignty

Adoption of a recent proposal by the European Parliament's constitutional committee (AFCO) aimed at amending the European Union's treaties would "destroy the sovereignty of member states", Kinga Gal, head of the EP group of Hungary's ruling Fidesz, said in a statement on Thursday.
26. October 2023 14:14

The proposal would not strengthen but weaken the EU at a time when “it would be crucial to make the EU more efficient in tackling hardships caused by war, terrorism, and migration”, she insisted.

The proposal is a “serious attack against nation states”, Gal said. The EU should seek common responses to shared challenges rather than “remove members’ sovereignty and steer European integration towards centralisation,” the MEP said.

Under the proposal, the EP would “seriously interfere with national competencies, curbing their sovereignty through establishing transnational lists, European constituencies, and an European election authority,” Gal said. The proposal is also aimed at removing the unanimous vote in the European Council, she added. “We firmly reject those proposals,” Gal said.

Rather than “humiliating member states and violating the principle of a loyal cooperation Europe’s strength, competitiveness and its due place in the world” should be regained, the MEP said.

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