Hamas militants - Photo: Israeli Defence Forces (archive)

MEP calls on EC to investigate if community funding has gone to finance terrorism

The European Commission should investigate if European Union aid to the Palestinian people have been used, if indirectly, to finance terrorist activities by the Islamist Hamas organisation, Kinga Gal, MEP of Hungary's ruling Fidesz, told MTI on Wednesday.
19. October 2023 8:34

Gal voiced support for Oliver Varhelyi, EU commissioner for enlargement and neighbourhood policy, who had recently called for a suspension of assistance to the Palestinian Authority and full screening of utilisation of the funds. She also said Israel had the right to self defence, and expressed sympathy with the victims’ families.

Meanwhile, she said the threat of terrorism in Western Europe and demonstrations in support of terrorist organisations are an indication of “Brussels’s migration policy being ill-advised”.

“Talks on the ill-advised migration pact should be suspended without delay,” she said, adding that the community’s external borders should be protected to prevent illegal migrants from entering and removing the possibility for terrorist activities.

Speaking to the Hungarian public media, Swedish MEP Charlie Weimers and Spanish MEP Hermann Tertsch firmly condemned Hamas’s terrorist attack on Israel.

Weimers said it was “inconceivable” that “leftist groups in the European Parliament still would not clearly condemn Hamas’s attacks against Israel and the Jewish people”. He called on the EC to ensure that community funding could not be used directly or indirectly to finance anti-Semitic content, and to suspend financial aid to the Palestinians before it is ascertained that those funds are not used to finance terrorist activities in any way.

Tertsch noted the importance of protecting the external borders.

“Without strong border controls masses will flood Europe and European authorities would not react to worrying signals already present in European streets,” he said.

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