Alexander Soros - Photo: Facebook

MEP asking EC about Alex Soros talks in Ukraine

Hungary's ruling Fidesz will ask the European Commission in writing about recent talks by George Soros' son with Ukrainian leaders about Ukraine's EU accession, MEP Balazs Hidveghi said on Friday.
18. November 2023 5:59

Referring to photos published by Alex Soros, Hidveghi said in a video that “while there is a Ukrainian flag behind the Ukrainian prime minister, Alex Soros is standing in front of an EU flag, creating the obvious impression that Soros was having talks on behalf of the EU.”

“It is just not right that an American businessman, not elected by anyone, should have talks with Ukrainian government members about that country’s EU membership,” he said.

Hidveghi also suggested that “members of the EC have regular consultations with the new leader of the Soros network.”

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