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Majority of Hungarians want peace, few expect war to end soon

Fully 78 percent of all respondents in a recent Nezopont survey -- and 63 percent of left-wing supporters -- were in favour of an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine, while only 2 percent expected the war would end before its first anniversary.
3. February 2023 15:49

Four-fifths of Hungarians believe that an immediate ceasefire is needed even if Ukraine cannot recover all the land that Russia has occupied, Nezopont said on Friday. Nearly two-thirds of left-wing supporters and 91 percent of ruling-party supporters shared this view, it added. No social group said the war should continue with the hope that the occupied territories are recovered, it said.

Nezopont said 49 percent of Hungarians believed the war may go on for years and only 33 percent thought that the situation could be resolved in 2023.

Some 46 percent of ruling-party supporters and 48 percent of opposition supporters said the war may be prolonged for years, while 34 percent of ruling-party supporters and 35 percent of opposition supporters said the conflict would cease this year.

The Nezopont phone survey of 1,000 voting-age adults was carried out from Jan. 30 to Feb 1.

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