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LMP wants Hungary out of IIB

Opposition LMP has called on the Hungarian government to immediately withdraw from the International Investment Bank (IIB) and expel the formerly Moscow-based institution from the country, alleging that the bank was conducting spy operations in Budapest.
28. February 2022 17:50

“There’s no reason why we should be maintaining a spy network practically operating with KGB tools that poses as a bank,” Antal Csardi, LMP’s deputy parliamentary group leader, told a press conference in front of the IIB’s Budapest headquarters on Monday.

He said the government “should make clear what intelligence reports have already confirmed, namely that the Russian majority-financed Budapest-based investment bank is conducting spy operations”.

Csardi noted that the Czech Republic and Romania had recently announced their decisions to quit the bank. He said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban also had a duty to guarantee his country’s security and “demonstrate Hungary’s condemnation of Russian aggression through actual steps”.

Concerning Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Csardi said: “We mustn’t allow Russia to take our eastern neighbour’s independence away.” He said LMP condemned Russia’s aggression in the strongest possible terms, adding it was also causing serious damage to Europe and specifically Hungary. “Russia isn’t aiding but rather threatening our country’s independence,” he said.

The group leader said a demonstration would be held against the IIB’s operations in Budapest on Tuesday.

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