LMP slams ‘disappointing’ GOP 26 summit

Hungary's opposition LMP party on Sunday slammed the United Nations GOP 26 climate conference, saying the summit had so far yielded "disappointing results".
8. November 2021 6:43

In the fifty years since the first world conference on environmental destruction, the situation has worsened due to man-induced climate change, party co-leader Mate Kanasz-Nagy told a press conference.

Although the leading nations of the world have pledged to protect forests and curb methane emissions, those commitments are insufficient, Kanasz-Nagy said. “We know what we should do but we don’t act. At best, we are treating the symptoms of the environmental crisis,” he said.

“Meanwhile, it is as if Hungary wasn’t even present at the summit,” Kanasz-Nagy said. The Hungarian government continues to support the “great polluters”, multinational companies, and continues to hinder the spread of sustainable energy resources, he said.

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