Hungary's border fence – Photo: wikipedia

Kocsis: Report on connection between migration and terrorism made public

The secret service report on the connection between migration and terrorism has been made public, Mate Kocsis, group leader of ruling Fidesz, said on Facebook on Thursday, adding that the report "clearly shows the risk the irresponsible migration policy of Brussels poses to the security of Europe".
2. November 2023 14:52

Kocsis said that well-known terrorist organizations such as ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Hamas were already present on the Serbian-Hungarian border.

He added that more and more information about terrorist acts targeting Europe was being generated in the region.

Kocsis also said the Taliban are also present in Vojvodina, and that many people smugglers were related to Afghan Taliban government leaders and members of the Haqqani terrorist group linked to them.

He said that acts of violence and the use of weapons had become regular occurrences at the border.

“We must act against terrorism by all means! The EU must support Hungarian border protection! We need a new migration policy in Brussels!” said Kocsis, who also shared the link to the secret service report.

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