Hungary's border fence – Photo: wikipedia

Kocsis: Migration carries high risk of terrorism

Migration carries a high risk of terrorism, made clear to everyone by the secret service report partly published earlier this week, Mate Kocsis, group leader of ruling Fidesz, told public radio on Sunday.
6. November 2023 6:00

The report makes it clear to the public that the situation is serious, Kocsis said, adding that “the migration practice” pursued by Brussels must be urgently eliminated, and action must be taken against terrorism by all means.

He said the network of people smugglers active along the Hungarian-Serbian border was controlled by terrorist organisations. It is no exaggeration, but a “harsh reality”, he added, that representatives of terrorist organisations known over the world are present at Hungary’s southern border, including persons related to the Taliban government who had carried out terrorist acts in the past. “Terrorists who came here from Kabul and Gaza decide whom, for how much money, and on what route should people smugglers take here,” he said.

The report reveals that the income generated from human trafficking can be spent on financing assassinations and acts of terrorism, he said.

Kocsis pointed out that the physical border is under attack as illegal migrants are damaging the fence, and the border guards are also in danger, they are being shot at with guns, “and unfortunately the legal border protection is also under attack, because the Brussels leadership has brought up the migration pact again, in which they demand the mandatory redistribution of migrants and ‘the creation’ of migrant ghettos”.

He added that Hungary had resisted these policies in the past eight years and had been subjected to a lot of condemnatory statements and punishments because of its position, but changing this would be against Hungarian interests.

“If Brussels continues to insist on letting the migrants in and distributing and settling them, if they want to facilitate this process rather than preventing it, then we will go against them,” Kocsis said.

He said that answering questions of the soon to be launched next national consultation survey on migration would help Hungary take a clear position based on the opinion of the majority of people in debates, Kocsis said.

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