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KDNP group leader: Hungary’s interest is peace

Hungary's interest clearly lies in peace as regards the Russia-Ukraine war, the parliamentary group leader of the allied ruling Christian Democrats (KDNP) said in an interview with the daily Magyar Nemzet on Saturday.
21. January 2023 16:36

Stability is key in “strengthening the sense of security” of Hungarians and creating it is therefore “a clear strategic goal” of the Hungarian government, Istvan Simicsko told the paper.

He said the war in Ukraine had been going on for almost a year and it was hard to see its end, adding that amid an ever-changing global security system “wisdom and caution” was needed to provide for Hungary’s security.

“Realising real threats, the government has chosen the right foreign policy direction under which it will not allow Hungary to get dragged into this conflict,” said Simicsko, who served as defence minister between 2015 and 2018.

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