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CPAC – Kari Lake: With Trump back in White House ‘we’ll work to bring an end to this senseless slaughter’

"When I am in the United States Senate and President Trump returns to the White House ... we will work together again to bring an end to this senseless slaughter between Russia and Ukraine, and bring stability to the world once again," Republican US Senatorial candidate Kari Lake for Arizona said in a video message to CPAC Hungary, according to a statement released by the Center for Fundamental Rights on Friday.
26. April 2024 18:39

In the video, Lake noted her visit to Budapest last year, saying: “From the Buda Castle, to the Chain Bridge, Heroes’ Square, we looked at your glittering landmarks with awe. But what truly impressed us was just how safe we felt.”

She said this was a testament to the leadership of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, “who has delivered historic peace and prosperity” to Hungary.

Lake praised the Hungarian government’s family policy measures which have almost halved the number of abortions. She noted the role of family tax incentives and said the same thing should be done in the United States.

“We must recognise that we are only as strong as our greatest institution, which is the family,” she said.

“And now our globalist enemies claim that a pro-family, pro-faith philosophy is extreme. They have sought to alienate our two countries from one another and sever the ties that bind us together.”

She vowed that if Republicans retake the White House, the US and Hungary will resume their close relations.

“The world is a much safer place when the United States of America and our ally, Hungary, are strong,” Lake said.

“And we will resume our respective roles in the international arena by operating through peace, through strength.”

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