Judit Varga – Photo: BZT / Nóra Halász

Justice Minister: Migration policy to be big element of EU trio presidency

The handling of migration challenges will form an important part of the EU presidency of Spain, Belgium and Hungary starting in July, Judit Varga, the minister of justice, said on Tuesday in Luxembourg. Also the issues of human trafficking, security policy, demography, and anti-Semitism will form key planks of the trio programme, she said.
27. June 2023 20:05

It has been clear during preparations for the trio presidency that the three member states have put “a very good working plan on the table” in the interest of preserving Europe’s global competitiveness and in terms of security policy while coping with emerging challenges, Varga said as she arrived at the meeting of the EU ministers responsible for EU affairs.

The future of cohesion policy is also a major policy area, she said, and Hungary will emphasise the principle of “upward convergence” whereby less developed countries can catch up with developed ones.

Varga said that Hungary was cooperating with its partners continuously, adding that Hungary assuming the presidency next year would coincide with the anniversary of the Hungarian government’s being in office since 2010, which Varga called “political and government stability and continuity”.

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