Judit Varga – Photo: BZT / Nóra Halász

Justice minister decorates Cistercian abbot in Dallas

Justice Minister Judit Varga presented Hungary's Knight's Cross to Peter Verhalen, abbot of the Our Lady of Dallas Cistercian abbey, late on Sunday.
17. July 2023 9:47

In her laudation, the minister said “the world is out of hinges and humbleness is considered a sin . the fire of war is fuelled, they say that is the path to peace and an extended hand is rejected.” She added, however, that “the morals, spirituality and teachings of Christianity are the remedy for the world’s sickness”.

Speaking about the abbey, Varga noted that it had been established by Hungarian Cistercians expelled from the country during the communist dictatorship, adding that Verhalen, elected abbot in 2012, was the first non-Hungarian to serve in the post.

“After his arrival it soon became clear that Hungarians had not only made a new friend but befriended an abbot who respects Hungarian priests, his former teachers, and would continue in keeping close ties with local Hungarians,” Varga said.

The abbot has been recognised for his teaching activities and efforts to preserve the abbey’s Hungarian identity.

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