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Hungary supports WTO reform, says Fidesz MEP

Hungary supports reforming the World Trade Organisaton (WTO) and proposals that would promote a level playing field in international trade, Eniko Gyori, an MEP of ruling Fidesz, said in an EP plenary debate in Strasbourg on Thursday.
8. February 2024 18:08

Gyori addressed the debate, after which a resolution urging WTO’s upcoming biennial Ministerial Conference on Feb 26-29 to adopt a comprehensive package on institutional reform was passed.

“WTO is a symbol of open, rules-based trade,” she said, adding that representatives of 164 countries came together year after year to develop global trade further, “even if there are difficulties at times”.

“We must build on this cooperation as this serves the interests of Europe,” she said.

Gyori said: “Yes to connections and no to protectionism”.

EU legislative proposals, she said, must all accord with WTO rules while respecting the powers of EU member states. Also, new legislation must be backed by broad impact studies, she added.

Hungary supports the conclusion of a WTO global investment facilitation agreement, she said, arguing that this would help to eliminate political and ideological obstacles to the free flow of investments.

The Hungarian MEP also urged the European Commission to pursue “pro-active, smarter and more business-friendly trade policy”, adding that the commission had a “poor record” in taking up the opportunities that free trade had to offer.

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